Step-by-step Coaching Designed to Help You Launch YOUR Business 
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Are you brand new to Internet Marketing and feeling lost? 
I've been there and can help you find your way.
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The Time to Take Action and Launch Your Online Business or Product Has Come
Stop GIVING MONEY to all the gurus.
No more CHASING the latest and greatest shiny object.
Stop SPENDING TIME struggling with technology that is distracting you.
Start FOCUSING on one idea and LAUNCH IT with a simple, straight-forward approach.
In this content-packed coaching community I'm going to show you how to break your addiction to the gurus, find your voice, and create a product that comes from your heart and changes the world.
I've been an entrepreneur all of my life. 

Whether it was staring a landscaping company when I was 16 to be able to go to private school, or creating a kids sports organization that has positively shaped over 120,000 kids, or launching a church consulting organization that worked with hundreds of churches to get them healthy - I know exactly how exciting and challenging a "launch" can be.

I want to give you the inspiration, motivation, and accountability needed to take your business from where it is, to where you want to go.

For the past several years I've been able to help dozens of entrepreneurs just like you take their idea and turn it into a business, and their business into an online marketing machine. My goal is to help you create multiple streams of income that produce residual revenues.

I've developed the experience, acumen, and compassion needed to deliver the step-by-step instructions, done-for-you resources, and the clarity and guidance needed to help you launch your product while avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that cost you so much time and money.

I hope you'll join my online coaching community and get the accountability, motivation, and teaching you need to fuel your next launch.
Chad Thibodeaux, founder of Launch Fuel is a Business and Launch Strategist that assists brand new online marketers to create a plan, launch their product, and change the world.

He was heralded by Russell Brunson as a Top30 ClickFunnels Designer and is one of the leading voices in launches today.

He is the founder of "The Give Method" which helps entrepreneurs turn their business into a culture of generosity.
“...delivering massive value, and we're only getting started Wow."
Billy Keels
Charter Launch Fuel Member
Seriously Chad?!! Are you f-ing kidding!?? I literally just got goose bumps I'm so happy!!!
Jodi Ardito
Founder, Biz N' Brewz
"You just make this so easy..."
Jodi McNaughton
Charter Launch Fuel Member
LaunchIt LIVE
These monthly Master Class Video Interviews will feature the best experts in the Digital Marketing Industry to keep you on the cutting edge
The Vault
Gain access to free funnel templates, email scripts and sequences, css snippets, cheatsheets, etc. to keep you resource tank full
Weekly Trainings
Every week a trusted member of our team will hit the airwaves to dive deep into a topic of learning and will answer your business specific questions
Peer-to-Peer Support
We will open up a private group where you'll be able to interact with your peers to help each other along the journey.
Reg. $49/month or $399/year
Order by midnight on Sept 3, 2018
$44 for the entire year
"Have you joined Launch Fuel yet? 
If not, stop reading this and join now!"
I’ve delivered my program to private clients for six years, but I’ve never felt comfortable on one-to-one sales calls. In the last five years, I’ve purchased three high-ticket programs, mainly for their “how-to-sell” modules. While I always understood their words in theory, I couldn’t own their process for myself. It wasn’t natural to me; didn’t fit my style. 

In only the second Launch28 session, Chad taught us a marketing technique that could be used for more than one purpose (don’t all great courses do that?). This one works as a webinar sequence, sales page outline, and one-to-one sales call script. Finally! Sales training that fits me! I can easily imagine myself following Chad’s sales sequence, and having the sales success I’ve searched for, for so long, particularly on one-to-one discovery calls.

Close down the sales pages for those other products you’re considering, and get Launch Fuel today! 
- Patricia Durgan, Charter Launch Fuel Member
Birthday Bonus #1
How to Launch Your Business in 28 Days or Less
While Building Your List, Creating Testimonials, and 
Generating Multiple Streams of Income.
Most "newbies" to the online marketing world can get overwhelmed with launching their business and many times throw in the towel before they even start. I want to help you with a "paint-by-numbers" system that will guide you each step of the way.
Birthday Bonus #2
Chad is a ClickFunnels Top30 Designer and has built a reputation of creating some of the most gorgeous and high-converting funnels on the planet. He sells them in the ClickFunnels Marketplace for up to $997. As a gesture of thanks for signing up and taking action TODAY, Chad is going to give you one of his premium funnels for free.
Birthday Bonus #3
It's Chad's birthday and he's feeling incredibly generous... therefore, in honor of his 44th birthday, he's offering his entire LaunchFuel program for ONLY $44 for the entire year. It's regularly $49/month, but you can have access to the entire program for only $44 for the entire year. Offer ends at 11:59 pm PST on September 3, 2018
"He helped me generate income I never 
believed was possible..."
I’ve written dozens of books and articles, spoken in hundreds of places to thousands of people — but, 
after one conversation with Chad I knew my level of influence would never be the same. 
He showed me how to deliver my experiences online to generate the kind of income I always wanted but never believed possible. His entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, creative skills, and knowledge of internet marketing came together to help me get my message to the masses. I will be forever grateful for that.
- John Alan Turner, Scream Free
Reg. $49/month or $399/year
Order by midnight on Sept 3, 2018
$44 for the entire year
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